Hey! I'm Cesar

I'm an independent software engineer and tech consultant. I passionately help small businesses and startups implement technology to add value to their business and their dreams.

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Harness the Power of Technology

You don't need to be tech savvy, I can help you get started. My services include everything from ideation to deployment. My consultations are designed to help you identify how technology can improve your business and your life. No aditional workloads. Only added value.

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E-Commerce Made Easy

Your business' online presence is more important than ever. I'm partnered with several e-commerce platforms and will help you get started. Already have an online store? I can help you improve your sales, marketing, analytics, customer experience, and more.

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Front-End Development

Imagine anything. I will build it. Wether it be a new website, a web app, or a mobile or desktop app. Want to redesign your website? I can help you with that too. New or existing features? User Interfaces? Experiences? Analytic dashboards? Imagination is our only limit.

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Back-End Development

Transform data and automate processes. I can help you build a robust and scalable backend architecture for your program. Manage your data, databases, and use it to make better decisions, provide better service, produce better products, and increase your revenue.

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Implementation & Training

Perhaps new tools aren't necessary. I will share my knowledge on existing tools and help you solve problems. I will ensure your users, customers, clients, and team members get the most value out of your services and products.


There is always room for improvement.

If any parts of your day-to-day business opperations seems annoying or time consuming, expensive, confusing, or useless, there's a high chance some processes and systems can be streamlined and improved. If you're struggling to find new customers or new ways to reach your existing customers, I will show you all I know about maximizing your productivity and market reach.

My consultations are free.

Every client has a unique set of circumstances and needs. You might be surprised to learn how many free options are available to you. I will work with you to find the best solution for your needs. Generally speaking, if your operations are small enough to be managed by less than 5 people, you can probably get by with free tools. My business is not to sell you expensive tools, but to get you the best tools for your needs, and at the best value possible.

I am happy to work with any business.

However, I am currently a solo practitioner. My capacity is probably limited to businesses of 50 employees max. If during our consultation we determine that your business needs are beyond my current capabilities, I will refer you to a trusted partner who can help you. At the very least I can help you find the right provider for your needs.


And I will help you determine which POS system is best for your needs. If you already have one in place, I will help you optimize it for your business.

Depends on the client and their needs.

Usually my initial consultations are done over the phone, or via video chat. There we can discuss your needs and determine the best course of action. Depending on your needs, we can plan travel arrangements and pricing. Much of my work can be done remotely, but I always prefer to meet in-person.

Basic - Advanced

I provide basic training to help you and your team get started with your new tools. I also provide advanced training to help you get the most out of your business. My usual training sessions consist of general familiarization, tech-culture integration, and discovery of new tools, features, and capabilities. I can also provide training on advanced topics suchs as computer architecture, cloud computing, and data security. Really anything in the field of software engineering. I've conducted training for individuals, small teams, and large audiences of around 300 people.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I stand behind my work, and will tirelessly strive to provide you a service we can all be proud of.